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The training was very well structured and Fiona was very organized in her approach…On the day of the course I found Fiona to be very welcoming and hospitable. She was also very genuine and I felt very at ease from the beginning....Fiona was an excellent facilitator, very knowledgeable and she also has extensive practical experience in the field of Reiki. Fiona’s teaching style involved using a variety of methods and she paced the course so that progress was at our own speed. The course was an excellent mixture and good balance of theory and practice. Fiona is very intuitive, supportive, and patient. She also encouraged the group to ask questions and to share our experiences. This approach fostered a very open and nurturing environment.



Fiona made me feel welcome and relaxed from the very first moment. Her voice, so calmed and relaxed made me feel in peace and I got connected to my breathing straight away.

She was able to understand my personal issues straight away and therefore guided the hypnosis/visualization in the right direction. Her words were assertive, positive and calming. I understood all my concerns straight away. I was able to understand my emotions and Fiona gave me emotional resources and guided me on what to do next time I find myself in the same situation.